Soldier Piles


AClass Piling are the local experts in concrete Soldier Piles

Soldier Piles are purely a cantilever support and can be supported by additional anchors or bracing as lateral support.

Soldier pile walls are common piled walls for basements where ground conditions are generally consistent soils, clays or rock. Piles are typically drilled at intervals of 0.9 – 3.0m with the infilling or lagging provided by shotcrete panels or timber sleepers/precast planks.

If the soldier pile is cast in situ it may be constructed with conventional bored piling techniques.

soldier piles

In a basement construction, soldier piles may be designed to accommodate load points for the final structure, resulting in significantly longer piles beneath perimeter columns. Following the construction of a capping, the excavation proceeds with shotcrete infill panels constructed to provide the lagging between the piles transferring lateral loads into the soldier system.

Soldier piles are a very specialised area and only a specialised piling contractor may be able to answer any questions you may have regarding this, so call AClass Piling & Drilling today to discuss any development project you are working on.

AClass piling have been installing Soldier piles for projects across the entire Australian eastern seaboard for decades and we service Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Tweed Heads, Port Macquarie, Jarvis Bay / Wollongong and all areas in between.