Foundation Piling

The best way to transfer weight from heavy loads through compressible and weak soils to a more stable and structurally sound rock or soil base beneath is through the use of foundation piling.

AClass Piling have decades of knowledge and experience when it comes to the potential need for foundation Piling.

Our Piling and drilling team have been servicing all markets of the east coast of Australia for many years including:

And all areas in between.

Foundation Piling can be used inside existing sites and structures or can also be implemented on new open sites ready for construction.

Foundation Piling can be used to support the following site structures:

  • Seismic loads
  • Static loads
  • Compressive loads
  • Tensile loads
  • Lateral loads

Side friction and end bearing can also be implemented to help transfer the load to the earth formation selected as the most suitable to support the load (also known as the bearing stratum).